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Led group discussions culminating in new teaching ideas and consensus on grading papers and tests. Supervised 50 students working on research papers.

On the flip side, substantiated and concrete skills (hard skills), strengthen your candidacy. 3. Is it difficult to identify your hard skills? Technical skills, experience listed through the use of industry jargon, and proficiencies such as staff management, operations improvement, and sales cycle.

The fact that you’re a food photographer who also builds furniture in your spare time could be the deciding factor for a client who wants to make sure that the photographs have the right “vibe.” In your resume as in all things, present your “whole” self, not just your business self. At the end of the day, this is humans hiring humans, not “company” hiring “skills.” Include a blurb at the bottom, including links to your secondary portfolio/Etsy shop/instagram/e-book. I once hired someone who (along with having the right skills) included a link to her art blog, which had funny drawings on it (but was totally unrelated to the skill I was hiring for).

Typically you do not have to include your thesis title or advisor’s name. The exception to this guideline is if your advisor is particularly well known in the industry you are targeting.

This section will look different depending on when in your career you are applying to graduate school. If you have just finished your undergraduate degree, then your work history will largely be about your student teaching experience. If you are going back to school after securing a teaching position, then you’ll write about your current job experience.

Don’t go overboard, but do list any unique courses you took in your major.

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